I have found  many varients of the surname BOLAS :- BOLUS, BOULAS, BOULES, BOLES, BOLIS
To save confusion I have decided to list all my ancestors as BOLAS 
(please bear that in mind when consulting the origonal records as the spelling may differ).

Over the past 15 years I have collected a vast amount of information relating to the  BOLAS families of England, but I shall
concentrate on the direct line descended from my 11x Gt.Grandfather Thomas BOLAS down to my Grandmother Nellie BOLAS
My BOLAS ancestors came from the Oldswinford area of Worcestershire, and the Coleshill, Shustoke, Little Packington &
 Maxstoke areas of Warwickshire before moving to Birmingham in 1818.

The earliest recorded ancestor that I have connected to my BOLAS family is that of Thomas BOLAS who married Margery BURNETT
on 23rd August 1629 at Oldswinford, Worcestershire.
Thomas & Margery had 6 children:
Thomas BOLAS bpt. 23rd May 1630 at Oldswinford, Worcestershire
John BOLAS bpt. 30th December 1634 at Oldswinford, Worcestershire
Jonas BOLAS bpt. 16th June 1636 at Oldswinford, Worcestershire
Edward BOLAS bpt. 5th March 1636/7 at Oldswinford, Worcestershire
Abigail BOLAS bpt. 28th February 1638/9 at Oldswinford, Worcestershire
Richard BOLAS bpt. 30th April 1643 at Oldswinford, Worcestershire

Jonas BOLAS (1634) married  (not known)? Jonas and ? had 7 children:
Sarah BOLAS bpt. 5th May 1666 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
John BOLAS bpt. 10th May 1667 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
Thomas BOLAS bpt. 23rd May 1668 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
Richard BOLAS bpt. 1st January 1668/9 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
Alice BOLAS bpt. 8th October 1672 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
William BOLAS bpt. 30th December 1673 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
(Male) BOLAS 27th February 1675/6 at Coleshill, Warwickshire

Richard BOLAS (1668/9) married someone named Elizabeth ? Richard & Elizabeth had 4 children:
John BOLAS bpt. 20th April 1696 at Shustoke, Warwickshire
Martha BOLAS bpt. 5th January 1696/7at Shustoke, Warwickshire
Anne BOLAS bpt. 2nd September 1700 at Shustoke, Warwickshire
Thomas BOLAS bpt. 22nd February 1701/2 at Shustoke, Warwickshire

Thomas BOLAS (1701/2) married twice, firstly to Elizabeth EAGLES on 15th August 1725 at Shustoke, Warwickshire
Thomas & Elizabeth had 1 child Mary BOLAS bpt. 29th October 1726 at Shustoke, Warwickshire
Thomas BOLAS remarried someone named Mary ? Thoams & Mary had 5 children:
William BOLAS bpt. 8th February 1733/4 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
Elizabeth BOLAS bpt. 29th november 1735 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
Susanna BOLAS bpt. 16th April 1737 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
Anne BOLAS bpt. 22nd June 1739 at Coleshill, Warwickshire
Sarah BOLAS bpt. 7th November 1741 at Coleshill, Warwickshire

William BOLAS (1733/4) married Mary HODGETTS on 15th September 1754 at Meriden, Warwickshire
William & Mary had 8 children:
Susanna BOLAS bpt. 8th December 1754 at Little Packington, Warwickshire
Mary BOLAS bpt. 12th November 1757 at Little Packington, Warwickshire
William BOLAS bpt. 8th March 1766 at Little Packington, Warwickshire
Thomas BOLAS bpt. 8th December 1769 at Little Packington, Warwickshire
John BOLAS bpt. 19th May 1771 at Little Packington, Warwickshire
Hannah BOLAS bpt. 30th December 1775 at Little Packington, Warwickshire
Joseph BOLAS bpt.5th April 1779 at Little Packington, Warwickshire
Edward BOLAS bpt. 5th November 1781 at at Little Packington, Warwickshire. (buried 19th April 1849 at St.Thomas, Birmingham)

William BOLAS (1766) married twice firstly to Catherine SMITH on 16th February 1792 at Maxstoke, Warwickshire
William worked as a Shoemaker, William & Catherine had 4 children:
Hanah BOLAS bpt. 11th May 1795 at Maxstoke, Warwickshire
William BOLAS bpt. 6th August 1797 at Maxstoke, Warwickshire
Ann BOLAS bpt. 22nd December 1799 at Maxstoke, Warwickshire
Sarah BOLAS bpt. 11th July 1802 at Maxstoke, Warwickshire

William BOLAS (1766) remarried Mary GEARY on 6th March 1832 at St.Martin, Birmingham

William BOLAS (1797) married Elizabeth HILL on 28th September 1818 at St.Philip, Birmingham
William worked as a Button Stamper, William & Elizabeth had 7 children:
Samuel BOLAS bpt. 28th September 1820 at St.Philip, Birmingham
George BOLAS born 1823 in Birmingham
William BOLAS bpt. 11th June 1824 at St.Philip, Birmingham
Sophia BOLAS born 1827 in Aston
Charles BOLAS born 1829
Henry BOLAS born 1832
Emma BOLAS born 1836

Samuel BOLAS (1820) married Caroline HUGHES on 13th July 1851 at at St.Philip, Birmingham
Samuel worked as a Miltary Button Stamper, Samuel & Caroline had 6 children:
Sarah A BOLAS born 1847 Birmingham (born before marriage?)
Samuel BOLAS born 15th January 1852 at 29ct Brearley Street, Birmingham
William BOLAS born 1856 in Birmingham, he married Phebe ALLEN
Jemina BOLAS born 1858 in Birmingham, she married Albert SMITH
Caroline BOLAS born 1860 in Birmingham
Amy (Annie) BOLAS born 1864 in Birmingham

Samuel BOLAS died after 1889, his wife Caroline BOLAS died 19th December 1889 at 55 Barr Street, Birmingham

Samuel BOLAS (1852) married Emma HADLEY on 20th August 1871 at All Saints, Hockley, Birmingham
Samuel worked as a Jeweller, Samuel & Emma had 3 children:
Florence Lousia BOLAS born 1871 in Birmingham. she married David CLARKE
Caroline BOLAS born 2nd March 1872 at 22ct Wheeler Street, Birmingham, bpt. 24th March 1872 at St.George, Birmingham
George Samuel BOLAS born 27th February 1877 at 50 Garbett Street, Ladywood, Birmingham

Samuel BOLAS must of seperated from Emma BOLAS (nee HADLEY)?
 because on the 1881 Census I find Emma BOLAS and daughter Florence BOLAS
living with a Henry HILL at 24ct Summer Lane, Birmingham. 
(Emma was listed as a widow but Samuel was still living at his parents house listed as married).

 I have not found a marriage for Emma & Henry, but Emma BOLAS and Henry HILL had 2 children:
William Henry HILL born 29th January 1883 at 29ct 3ho Summer Lane, Birmingham
Leah Bolas HILL born 28th December 1888 at 13ct 7ho Moorsom Street, Birmingham

Emma BOLAS nee HADLEY died 5th June 1931 at 1 Weston Road, All Saints, Birmingham. 
Her home address was 6bk 9 Gee Street, Birmingham

George Samuel BOLAS (1877) married Edith SPILSBURY on 25th December 1897 at St.Stephen, Birmingham
George Samuel worked as a Bicycle Maker & Fruit Salesman, George Samuel & Edith had 5 children:
one child BOLAS died before 1911 census
Alice BOLAS born 27th April 1898 at 17 Gee Street, Aston. (Alice was adopted by Samuel & Ellen HART)
Nellie BOLAS born 8th January 1900 at 32ho 2ct Summer Lane, Birmingham
Edith May BOLAS born 1907 in Birmingham, died 23rd July 1910 at General Hospital, Birmingham
Florence BOLAS born 21st May 1913 at Bk8 Gee Street, Aston, died 21st November 1913 at Bk7 Gee Street, Birmingham

Alice BOLAS (1898) married Edwin CONSTANTINE on 2nd August 1924 at St.James, Aston
Edwin worked as a Grinder. Alice & Edwin had one child:

Edwin K. CONSTANTINE born 1929 in West Bromwich. he married Iris FRANKLIN in 1954 in Birmingham

Nellie BOLAS (1900) married Samuel MORRIS on 3rd August 1919 at St.Paul, Lozells, Birmingham
Samuel worked as a Electroplate Worker